Those long metro journeys

Out of a few things which makes Delhi what it is, has to be the Delhi Metro. There is no second thought in saying that it has become the most preferred mode of transportation for most of Delhiwallas, including me. I like to think that public facilities like the metro brings Delhi closer to worldclass cities like New York or London, and this really fills me with pride.

I write this blog on my phone as I head home. It is 6.07 PM but  it feels like 10. The crowd is comparatively less. Thank God for that! But, I forgot my headphones at home, just like always. So I think I will observe these fellow commuters and try to guess their stories. Yeah you may think that I am a judgemental piece of shit. But, wait who is being judgemental now, eh?

This guy sitting with a laptop on his lap, is unknowingly killing his future babies. Seriously bro. But on a more serious note, this guy has a maintained a constant gaze on the computer screen. Not even lifted his eyes once. What is he doing? My first guess would be porn, but the he does not have any headphones on. Probably his job is to sit in front of a computer screen all day. Look at a screen while going to work, look at a screen while at work, look at a screen while going back home from work. Training to be a computer engineer, I face similar prospects. And this is what scares me the most. I think that I will implode leading such a life. But coming to think of it I might not have a lot of choices.

So, here is another character which really catches my attention. This middle aged uncle who just won’t shut up. It had begun as a general political conversation between a couple of commuters, and this person has made it into a discourse on spirituality and how everything is “moh maya”. This guy is like some self proclaimed de motivational speaker, someone who is frustrated by his everyday life and is trying to  let it all out in severe attempts of desperation, blaming the system and the government for his plight. Some passengers join in, some look at him in disgust. I personally find it amusing, specially with the amount of Desi abuses he uses to grace the authorities.

And then I notice this cute girl, who has just boarded the train. We share a quick glance. She stands right opposite to me, and no commuter obstructs my view. Once, she is comfortable and leaning on one of those metallic poles, she pulls out her phone and stares on the screen, just like how people try to get out of awkward situations. By pulling out their phones and pretending to do something important, but all they do is stare at the screen. She catches me looking at her, again and I really need to stop looking at her. Probably she likes me, probably she thinks I am creep, probably she will report me to the metro police on the next station. So much running through my mind And then she just deboards a couple of stations later.  Whaaaaaaaaat! I thought we had something going. How could she just go. But coming to think of it, I have been through this situation so many times before. Such is the situation of busy cities like Delhi. You meet people, and a few seconds later you won’t even remember their faces, just because there are just so many faces!

Enough of this philosophical bullshit. I still have eight stations to go, and I forgot my headphones at home, just like always. *sigh*


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