Happy New Year!

Somethings never change. However hard you try, you are still the lazy ass you were years ago. Making new resolutions every year, only to break them in the coming days.

But this year I was very adamant. I thought I had to do something. I had to grow. Our exams got over on 3rd Jan and that’s the date I had decided for my New Year to begin. Like every year, the plan included getting slim, learning something new (language, programming skills, some sport) and doing better in the academic front. The year 2014 was no different. I felt the same urge to look, sound and behave smarter.

But this time, equipped with the knowledge as to how unification of every phenomenon is the final goal, I unified all my resolutions into one. I HAD TO GROW.

I had to get fit. I had to learn JAVA. I had to get myself a good internship. And I had to get 80% above in  my college. I decided not to waste my time in watching movies and serials.

I have fallen into a lot of retrospection in my free time and this kind of stuff is what I usually think about. Its usually on my toilet seat where I dive deep inside and find reasons for everything I do and feel.

After reflecting on the completions of my past resolutions, I got curious as to why do we fail to hold onto them? And I think I found a reason. We fail because the things we set as the goals for the year are the things we think we want but not what we need! This resolution thing is just to force ourselves to do something we think we should do. Because otherwise if, for instance, I needed to learn French for a dream job/college, I wouldn’t have waited for the New Year. I would have enrolled for classes ASAP!

4 days have passed and how far have I reached? To be honest, I did not meet my own expectations. I got Breaking Bad and Suits series from my friend the same day my exams got over. There is no development about the getting slim scene. College hasn’t started so no comments about academics. But yes I have enrolled for JAVA classes.

This made me realize, The things we feel strongly about, we will never wait to get started with them.

I liked programming from the start and learning JAVA was also essential for getting a good internship, which I am really interested in. That is why it was probably the first thing I did, taking care of that part of my resolution.

So I am not worried about anything else now. I will do whatever I feel the need of. So no New Year resolution crap for me from now on-wards. This might not be true for anyone else, but do I care about that? Works for me.

And now I am hoping that I feel the need of performing better in college, and soon!



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