I….Have a Secret!

Have you ever felt like you are wasting your time, while others are busy learning new things. Or afraid that people around you know more about things, than you? 

Let me tell you a secret.

I get scared sometimes. Awed by the things people are doing around me, awed by how far ahead they already are and that I will never catch up to them.

I look at a friend who is doing something in the Army and I think, that guy is doing something worthy. He wears the national colors, medals, badges and will make his parents proud. Being an army man, he is much superior to me in the physical front, can jog/sprint/run thirty times more than I can. Then I look upon myself and feel, “What am I doing!”

I look at another friend who goes to all these big debating competitions. He may not be winning, but he sure as hell has got the confidence to speak in front of a large audience! He knows about what’s happening in the world scene, the politics, wars, treaties and shit. And me? Hell I don’t even know the mayor’s name!

Another friend reads a lot, has all those big theories in his head I don’t even know a word about. Has even started watching movies in languages other than English now. And I stand nowhere.

But does this really mean that I am missing out?

I found out that this thing can also be categorized under peer pressure. And this goes on to show that peer pressure is not only limited to starting smoking, drugs and all, but it covers this situation too!

My father taught me something when i was in class 6th or 7th, “Son, when in doubt, do a SWAT analysis.” It stands for:

S – Strength

W – Weaknesses

A – Achievements

T – Threats.

Jot down your strong and weak points, what you have achieved and what problems you can face in achieving your new goals. This gives you an overview of the situation. This has helped me develop a logical mindset and given me the ability to change my outlook according to the conclusion I draw from all those healing sessions I have with myself (yes of course on the toilet seat!).

And now about this awed thing, I thought and thought and concluded. No I am not missing out. I am just not like anybody around me. I have a different skill set. I have my own unique strengths. I find communication easy. I am good at making friends. I may be bad with names and dates, but I am daft at making people feel light. This conclusion was made with the help of the same smart-ass friend who would now be sitting in his room, eyes glued to his laptop screen, earphones plugged, watching some Urdu/French/German/Gujrati movie.

The solution is not to feel inferior, but to know our weaknesses and our goals. And then assess what all skills we need to do better in our chosen field. Repeat this cycle every time you feel intimidated, and one day you will finally stop feeling so (unless of course you hang out with Stephen Hawkins).

Bottom Line. Don’t be awed. Be inspired.  



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