I can only imagine

“A company so huge, stock exchange firms beg me to go public. An office, right in Times Square. A girlfriend so hot, most men jizz in their pants just by looking at her. A top of the line private jet which flies me to the most exotic locations. Ibiza, Sicily, Las Vegas, Montreal, Goa, Madrid. I would be a global citizen, getting what I want, on my terms. Basically, I would be the center and the world would revolve around me.”

If you had asked me, how do I picture myself in 2025, about 6 months ago, This is exactly what I would answer . Though, A lot has changed since then. Except for the huge company part. I still want and I know I will, build a huge company which will have my name as one of the founding partners.

In the past 6 months, I met these certain group of people which have made me realize that to be successful in life you need to understand the difference between AMBITION and INTENT. One of these words never really held a lot of meaning for me. So I set out to define these two words in separate terms and did a bit of research.

I want to be the president of Timbuktoo because everybody thinks that a president is cool. Ambition.

I want to be the president of Timbuktoo because I know I will make it a better country to live in. Intent.

These two statements suffice my attempt at making a sense out these two words.

Coming to think of it, Bill Gates did what he did not because he wanted to be the richest man on earth, but because he wanted to put a computer in every home. Steve Jobs is hailed as a genius not because he wanted the world to call him a revolutionary mind, but because he wanted to build a machine which had all the information possessed by humans kind, could be extremely easy to use and fit in a pocket.

The relationship between ambition and intent is complicated. Think of ambition as jam to your bread which is the intent. Spreading two spoonfuls of jam on your bread, you will make yourself a decent breakfast. Empty the whole jar of jam on your bread and you might end up ruining your breakfast, your morning and your day. There has to be some amount of ambition involved, to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. but you cannot let it guide you.

I think Making myself realize how I need to emphasize less on what I need to achieve, and more on why I need to achieve it, has made me climb a step on my ladder to success, the length of which is currently limiting to infinity.

Gotta get my intentions right. But, before that, fap time. Ciao.


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