Purpose of life

My father once told me that every man must have a purpose in life. My parents and relatives always lecture me to study and work hard for my future. The meaning of better future to them is to get married and earn money. And that is the purpose and goal they want for me to have in life. And then there are religious people who talk about salvation and reincarnation. But I dont agree. So, what’s the real purpose of life or is there none?
What if it’s true that there is no real purpose in life and we are just working too hard to find one? I guess that finding a true purpose is life we creating for ourselves.
I read this quote once “we live alone, we die alone… everything else is just an illusion”. It’s stuck into my head. Sometimes I feel why study, work and sweat if there is no real purpose and meaning in life, for just an illusion. My friend once said to me life is a journey. I thought if it is a journey then what is our destination, death, salvation or reincarnation. I wonder maybe humanity just create these fancy notions of salvation to counter its fear of death.
About 55 million people die every year, which means about 1,50,000 per day. So what if death is the ultimate truth and nothing else. Then what’s the point of all this struggle and fight in life? People always say that one should stop thinking about death and enjoy the moment, sometimes it seems like a better idea but suddenly a thought comes echoing in my mind that maybe it’s all a lie and you cannot outrun your fate (death). May be death is the only truth and no amount of friends or money or a girl for that matter, can help me avoid my fate.

Ishant Rana
MAIT New Delhi


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