The Awesome Diaries

Have you ever faced difficulty taking out time for your blog? I face it daily. It is hard to write when your life is as awesome as mine. And when you do really sit down to write something, how can you even think of something to write except about your awesome life?

So what is it that is keeping me so happy? Of course, its the likes and comments I get on my posts. Well no, I hardly get any 😀

It is the fun winter season. No workload and lots of fests to attend. Days are packed with performances to watch and nights* with DJ parties to dance to! Especially the coming weekend, courtesy Comic Con India.

And then I am exercising, 40 minutes/13 kms of cycling daily. This makes me happy. Remember how I wrote in my New year’s post that I want to get fit. So when I have finally started doing something to achieve that goal, I feel satisfied.

Also that long standing problem I had, that I waste too much time. I worked it out. I realized I used to spend almost 2-3 hours daily texting. So I deleted all the chatting apps, and now my life is that of a saint, peace all around. No notifications to cater to, no vibrations. I heard my smartphone say Thank You to me. Oh wait, I think it was my parents. They now have two sons. 

My laid back college administration gives me another reason to smile every morning. So it was a holiday on Friday, what did I do? I took the Thursday off! And Tuesday is a holiday too (Another thing to love about India, too many festivals to celebrate), only someone stupid (read, sincere) will dare attend college on Monday. So I didn’t.

The world looks so dark otherwise, the mounting negativity. Why not spread something happy through my blog? Feel light?

Actually this is not what came to my mind when I started writing, but this is how I am excusing myself for this self-centered post. Damn! My honesty!

P.S: As I found out later, there is no holiday on Tuesday. Now I am sad, comfort me. You know how.

Do what makes you happy.

*Night – Till 9 PM only. After that, I am prohibited from staying outside. Yes I am my mamma’s little obedient boy.



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