The Burqas and Humans

My only friend with such deep thoughts! Rarity.
For the love of mankind \m/

Such is life


It was a fine winter morning. I was on a Delhi-bound train which had stopped at Warangal, Its usual 0715 hrs stop for 3 minutes. I picked up my backpack to get down onto the platform and grab some food. To my surprise, a group of Muslims were boarding the train and due to the short halt they entered from both the entrances. One way was blocked with a pile of heavy luggage and the other was flooded with ladies and girls, covered in black burqas. I was always fascinated by this religion which most of my fellow citizen didn’t quite condone. But, today I felt awkward and at one point, sad for these women-the amount of protection and unnecessary isolation from the society that they are subjected to! I saw a Muslim brother covering the entire block where these women were seated, with cloth. He spent nearly half an…

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