Valentine’s Day 101

Do I have a pretty pretty girlfriend to go out on Valentine’s day? No.

So should I be worried about having a dry run this time? I think, no. Why? Because nobody is expecting any enthusiasm from me today, nor am I supposed to act overly lovely or sweet.

And of course, this reason 😀

Before and After

Being single on 14th also saves up your energy, and brain cells, which you would have burned up trying to think about ways to make your girl feel special. Instead, you can now utilize this energy for doing something more meaningful, like killing zombies on your Xbox or Play Station.

So what am I actually suggesting?



Here are some better things you can try:

1. While you will see other guys spending on their dates, you can treat yourself! Go out with your happy (read: single) friends and party.

2. Many people tend to decide this particular day for their nuptials. Go on, be a part of their celebrations and crash their weddings, its free food right? 😀

3. Search for cafes/eateries that are sensible enough to be providing discounts to those without a date (which is a very cool idea to tap this opposite end of the customer base).

4. You can always call your friends over and have a movie marathon.

5. *Evil* Go out in the evening to the places considered safe heaven for couples, and sit there and stare. It’s fun! Try to have a big gang with you or you can be beaten black and blue.

6. *Evil* If you are very free and still hate your ex, take out time, plan something very sweet for her, call her up and tell her what you two could have done if you were still together, in the process destroying both of your Valentine’s day.

What most of us forget in our sorrow is that we aren’t the only one. There is bound to be a huge number of single specimen from the opposite gender, in the similar state of mind as us. So go out, have some fun. While those couples can go and do the same thing they do all year round, it’s show time for us!

Have a fabulous and fun Valentine’s day!

*If my views have hurt any of the reader’s sentiment, just remember that this is for the greater good of the society, and needs of the many outweighs needs of the few.

As an after thought, you know what would be the loveliest thing to do on Valentine’s day? It would be to buy your mother/father a cake and tell them that they are the most important people in your life, no matter what day it is.


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