Gotta Catch ‘Em All

I am Ash Ketchum, from the town of Pallet, and I won’t be beaten by the likes of you!

We all have that favorite hero from our childhood, who we not only loved, but who’s life we wanted to live. Ash Ketchum has to be the most loved and envied character when it comes to anime. I remember how many of my waking hours (and countless dreams) I spent thinking about what I would have done if I had Pikachu and who could have been the ‘right’ Misty for my journey in the Pokemon World.

How did I suddenly get into this fanboy mode? It’s because of a long discussion I had with a friend about how the quality of cartoons being televised today has deteriorated (new blog idea saved in notes). We recounted the numerous characters we remembered from childhood and how they gave us lessons without messing with our minds. That was when I decided to pay some of the cartoons I liked a revisit. It so happens that I have my exams this week which leaves me with a lot of time to stare at the wall. I decided to utilize this extra time by watching Pokemon again. Mostly, I was curious. How would my mind react to this utterly ambitious guy whom my little self looked up to.

Ash Ketchum

And, ignoring the risk of being called an immature, I will say I liked it. It did not psyche me up like it used to, but the emotions that the series tries to depict still stirred my insides. The reason that made me stop watching was this nagging feeling that told me I am not doing anything constructive.

But watching the episodes wasn’t completely a waste. Sometimes it is good to take a short journey into your past, and revisit things you left behind. It lets you gauge your feelings and in turn let you trace what you have grown up to be.

I found out I am still the same, just a little burdened by obligations.



  1. Waah waah wahh! These things from past are worth remembering. I also feel that we remain same in essence even when we grow up.
    Jab main film aur serials mein Sherlock Holmes ki playboy image dekhta hun tab main use accept nahi kar paata. That is because the character from the books hs been intricately connected with my childhood and is a part of who I am.
    When I realized this then I realized how important past is for us.
    P.S. Great cartoons are still being made but Indian channels don’t air them, . Pokemon is Japanese and Japan is filled with such series. HAHAHA


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