Misanthrope, are you?

“This is a cynical cynical world, man eat man, people will always be contemptuous about how far you’ve gone and what you have accomplished. They’ll give a sympathetic ear to what you have to say, they’ll commiserate in your anguish but will sneer and jeer once you turn your back on them…….”

I meet so many people saying this same thing over and over again in their own versions of it. I started speculating about people’s motivation behind what they do. And the denouement I drafted for my relentless soul was that, “people are self-interested, self-centered; everything else is complementary”.

We live for ourselves, anything other than this is delusive; which in no way is wrong. You come alone, you go alone, bla bla bla… We are here just for our self advancement, reformation and amelioration. I am writing this blog to upgrade my writing skills, and you are reading it for your furtherance.

The world works on the Boomerang principle. “What you give to the world, is what you will have back”. The world is a reflection of our own psyche. We think people are deceitful, phony, or even predatory, those are the people we attract in our sojourn of life. The more we meet such people, the more obstinate and deeply ingrained our conviction becomes. And then we go out and make an incessant declaration of our misanthropic audit of the world.

The picture of our childhood is the manifestation of the fact “Be good, do good”. All of us are taught that. Another cliche we learn about is “Love”. Our parents ensure we grow in love, spread love and do good everywhere. People can be mean, arrogant, awful, but we are all creatures (generalizing it for not just humans, all living creatures) and love binds us all. Nobody has ever understood it nor I wish to explain, but love dwells in us, all of us and that is what we live by. And no creature present on this planet is spared of it.

“I know now that people only seem to live when they care only for themselves, and that it is by love for others that they really live. He who has Love has God in him, and is in God – – because God is Love.”
– Leo Tolstoy, What Men Live by and Other Tales.

P.S.- I don’t give new ideas, I only realize what has already been said by other people before. I am a slow learner, I learn things myself and when I learn something, I write it here. That’s all I do. Forgive me if I don’t come up to your expectations, but this is who I am. 🙂



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