“Room” – Book Review

So I had the opportunity of meeting this wonderful teacher who turned out to be a lover and collector of books. And I wasted no time in asking her if she could lend me her books for reading, politely. And Room, by Emma Donoghue, is hopefully the first among many.


I have read my fair share of novels, and Room hit me with its unique style. Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a 5 year old? I don’t think I have read anything that answers this question better than Room.┬áIt is a story about a girl who was abducted by a stranger when she was 19 years old, and held captive for 7 years until she finally manages to escape with the help of her little son. A perfect description of how difficult it is for the mother-son duo to fit into the outside world follows their escape.

The beauty lies in the little details here and there that the author did not forget including. How a normal spoon is “the Spoon”. How a simple duvet for him is “the Duvet”. The child, Jack, has never set foot outside the room he was born in, and has used the same things since his birth. So these things we usually overlook, Jack sees as friends. The book is also a must read for to-be parents. The methods used by Jack’s mother, identified just as ‘Ma’ throughout the book, are commendable. She managed to raise a child who is not only physically sound, but also ahead of his counterparts mentally. All this without any professional help, and with limited resources.

Although it gets a little repetitive after some 50 pages due to overdose of details, the story again picks up after this brief low. The innocence of a five year old is duly captured and the story does not leave your thoughts hanging in the air. It makes you think, but not feel like something is missing, which is a very popular style of ending novels. Popular and Cruel.

Read it if you wish to see that great novels do not need hefty words, or complex narration, or useless characters. Read it if you wish to see that all a great novel needs is the ability to forge a connection with the reader, how you achieve it is your wish.

Your favorite is now my favorite too ma’am!

Bonne Nuit, or as Ma would say to Jack,

Night Night, Sleep tight. Don’t let the bugs bite.