Udaipur, And a New Beginning

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

Gilbert K. Chesterton


And I am happy that both of my excursions have been great journeys rather than tourist outings. This time I went to Udaipur with my group of close friends. Some of us had doubts. We hadn’t planned anything. It wasn’t the right time to visit, and those who had visited Udaipur before warned of this place becoming boring because all it has is forts. But leaving all these doubts aside, we went on with the trip. And I am glad that none of us regret it.

We took the overnight bus and reached Udaipur in the morning.  Instead of following the usual itineraries, we decided not to focus on what only the Udaipur city has to offer, but also what lies around it.

So we hired bikes and cycled to Lake Tiger, which is 15km from Udaipur. 6 of our group could not accompany us, but those who did, call this cycling affair the most memorable part of the trip. We took stoppages at random places, asking for directions and water. It was a very hot day, and we were riding under direct sunlight, the roads were very steep at more than a few places, and was mostly uphill, but it was an experience worth having.




Our tired bodies heaved a sigh of relief when we sighted the lake. Because of being situated on the outskirts, and being just nothing more than a lake, it was an untouched treasure. We played a little in the muddy water, sat there sunbathing for an hour and then headed back. The return journey was marred by a mechanical slag and took more time as my cycle chain came off after some 10kms and we had to walk the remaining distance.

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