Meeting Comrades, on the rocks!

When I came back from where I went today, my brain was bursting with the myriad of things/people/feelings I saw/met/experienced. I thought I had write a passionate post about it, and it will rock. But then my girlfriend soiled it (I am in a beautiful relationship with this friend of mine, it’s so beautiful its one-sided). Girls are such a waste of time, now I am void of what I felt for the event, and the passion for writing is no longer there. Still I am determined to write one, but don’t worry, the post will still rock, it’s your Blogger Number Ek after all!

So, where did I go today? I attended The Incredible ASUS IndiBlogger Meet. It was basically the launch of ASUS’s ZenFone, which marks the Taiwan company’s foray into the Smartphone Segment.

The phone is beautiful, has an excellent camera, a cute UI and Intel inside (Your welcome, Intel). But I am not going to do any (free) promotion here, so read up the reviews somewhere else. By the way, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the ZenFone:


Oh wait, this was supposed to be his moment 😛  He is Mr. Jerry Shen, CEO, ASUS.


Actually, they deserve this much publicity, they gave me free food.

Coming back, the event was a first of its kind for me, where I could actually hear the stalwarts of the technology market speaking. There was the CEO of ASUS, the South Asia head of Intel, and also the Vice president of Intel as well as Flipkart present. It was nice to really see them talking (and eating, they eat like us mortals).
Besides that, Arjun kapoor (bollywood star and a heartthrob, apparently) was also present. He is exactly like the way he is in his movies ❤ Awwwww

😛 Sorry.

Moving forward, what  I really liked was, there were some 400 other bloggers, some who blog frequently, some who post like me, but all so eager to meet and share their experiences. I met Rahul Prabhakar, a fellow IndiBlogger. He was very helpful and introduced me to many of his friends, it is good to get acquainted with someone who is a regular! And then there are many others I met, old and young. I really bonded with a few like minded guys (Rohit Jain, to name a few :P), and it was even more fun after that!

Moreover, the guys from IndiBlogger, Apoorv and Nihal, who took over the stage later, made the event so cool, I could feel my glass of red wine freezing.

Did I say wine? I meant Pepsi* actually (underage). People talked about their blogging experiences, some were hilarious while some heart touching.

When I said fun, I wasn’t joking!

I am glad I could attend this event today and be a part of something so beautiful. It is not everyday you get such a kind of exposure, wherein you are in a room full of people who have made it large in their life, by doing what they love, besides/without following a conventional career path. Looking forward to more such events and no, not (just) for the food!

Oh I said beautiful, didn’t I? On a related topic, the hostess for today, the stunning Rashmi Nigam




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