Invitation to “Stay Happy!”

I know I have given you people a lot, what with the awesome content I post which regularly gets featured in numerous “best content on the net” lists?. Not just that, the pictures I post of me cycling and shit?

So, this time I have come with a genuine request. I want you to sit back for a moment and think. 


Most of us spend our whole lives flogging day and night, looking for happiness. We hope that earning more money will make us content. But we fail to see the irony in seeking contentment by wanting more! 

Now sample this, instead of heading to your air-conditioned cubicles, you happen to take a detour to a children’s home and see the kids there smiling over their new notebooks, or notice them digesting concepts efficiently because of better learning techniques in place, wouldn’t it make you happy? Do you want to be the reason behind these smiles?  If yes, read on (otherwise Alt+F4).

I am involved with an NGO, by the name of, Bhumi. Bhumi works toward empowering young adult volunteers to lead social impact projects, which includes teaching Maths, Science, English and Computers to under-privileged kids. Bhumi is also involved in a lot many other activities, which you can get to know about here.

Like any other organisation, we need funds to stay afloat. As part of the temporary fundraising team, I am responsible for collecting as much funds as I can. So, I request you to take some time out, and see how you can help.

If you choose to donate, this is how your money will be utilized:

  1. Rs. 250 ($4.00)– Food, transportation and supplies for a child to attend Nakshatra – Bhumi’s inter-orphanage sport, art, literary and cultural talent camp.
  2. Rs. 500 – 800 ($8.00-$13.00) – Fulfill a child’s wishes, and basic needs during the holiday season (October – January). We purchase stationery, sports equipment, books and more, for use throughout the year.
  3. Rs. 1000 ($15.00) – Books and audio-aids for our SpeakOut Program for a single child – designed to improve fluency of the English language.
  4. Rs. 2500 ($40) – Activity kit for a child in Mathematics and Science programmes – hands-on, experiential activities to strengthen core concepts. (Each activity kit comprises flash cards / aids / chemicals / experiment.
  5. Rs. 5000 ($80) – Sponsor 1 child’s education; we provide supplies and trained teachers.
  6. Rs. 10,000 ($150) – Buy a computer to educate 3 children for an entire school year.

I was a little hesitant in asking for donations like this, I was scared of what people would think of me. Then I thought, it is my blog, I am free to express what I want to, right? And if I manage to raise even $10 through this, I don’t even mind what others might think about me, I have done my part!


You can click on the above link to donate (the link is also available on the main sidebar as a widget). You are free to contact me for any query or clarifications, I would love to hear from you.


How much do you spend on your friends, or on burgers and fries, in a month?

Need I say more??

By the way, the kids say thanks in advance!




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