Shell we take a dive? Shore!

I tried writing a poem about it, but then, poetry requires talent, and vocabulary. Alas! what do I have but my poor words. While reading “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (which, by the way, is in my list of must-reads), I came upon an excerpt which loosely mentioned whales. Now, any average bibliophile would vouch for the fact that sometimes you get so absorbed by the book that you are transported to a different realm altogether (did somebody say “cliché?”), elevated in thoughts and visions, effected by the written word. And Bill Bryson makes you feel very insignificant when he puts you and the universe to scale, and then adds the “possibility of life elsewhere” to the mix. Insignificant and enlightened.

In my this state of  suspension I was struck by a thought. What if we weren’t human at all? What if we were the largest thing alive. What if we were whales?

Now close your eyes for a minute and remember those swimming sessions. Let your mind be swarmed by water as you see yourself diving in and out of the pool. BUT THERE IS NO POOL! Because, sir, your humongous body can not fit in a pool. Your highness is only fit for an ocean! 

How would it have been?

I would have liked the freedom, although for a little while. No stupid money to earn, eat all you want brunches for free all your life, parents only expecting you to grow bigger and fatter (If my parents wanted that from me, they had already be the happiest parents in the world!). We are expected to be the masters of our own fate, but are we?

Bogged down by numerous obligations, we seldom live a life we want to. What an irony, we could have had more freedom as creatures lower than us in mental stature (no offence to wildlife activists! I don’t mean it like that).

I know it’s a stupid thought and I am going to get laughed at, but do I care? I am happy to be the master of my own actions for one fleeting moment.



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