To kneel or not to kneel? That is the question!

Spurred by a discussion with a friend, I find myself aroused “writer-ly” to churn out one heck of a post! We were dueling on why things happen like they happen before the discussion ended abruptly. But I wasn’t finished, so here I am.

Why, do you think, people around you seem to be in so much misery, which most of the times is uncalled for. Like a stationary motorcyclist getting rammed from behind, a plane crash, a suicide bombing, or, somebody being put on life support because of doctor’s negligence? Things that make you feel helpless. And rightly so.

What might be the reason? Is it just a coincidence when felony befalls us or is this part of a larger picture? Did we just happen to be in the vicinity when a bomb went off, or our plan caught a snug mid-flight? What ascertains what is going to happen to us? Permutations, combinations and probability or some divine algorithm is at play?

Mahabharata explains this in great detail. It introduces a concept akin to a bank account. You do good, your account gets credited, do bad, debited. This bank account surpasses life and death itself, it is an account not for your flesh, but for you soul, which is indestructible. Mahabharata says, sins you have committed will have to be paid for. This largely explains your “Oh god! why me??” questions. It is because of whatever wrong you did in your past. And by past I don’t mean your childhood, go way back, to your past lives. (If we will be anyways punished, why take the pain to do anything good at all? Because you want your future safe, stupid).

Another question springs up at this moment. If this Karma theory is right, then why do we pray? Why go to temples, churches, mosques and kneel down to pray (and pray to whom? but that comes later). Does it atone for the bad you have done, does it purify you of your past crimes?


Well, no. And that’s the general opinion, not something only I believe in. But I go further and pronounce praying to be a selfish act. It is just for us to feel at peace. Because I don’t think any honest, sensible God would want you to sit and sing his praises while you could be doing something really constructive with your time. Praying is meditating (difference being, in meditation you aren’t asking anyone for forgiveness or blessings). That also explains the reason for maintaining silence (or singing melodious hymns) and incense sticks. They are not for pleasing the Gods! They are for you to feel better.

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I listen to the hymn of the ocean
Waters battling on the rocks
Sounds of wind
That goes past the mast
The ship that sails in the ocean
Turbines move, engine works
Machinery mechanics create a hustle bustle at the bottom.
Ship sails, water prevails..
I hear the wind that goes past the mast
On the deck I stand
Just like Rose and Jack
I fly but in company I lack.
I gaze at the dolphins that come up
Once in a while to play
Suddenly I trip
I freely fall
Not afraid
I go deep into the ocean
Waters closing upon me
Penetrating my lungs
Unable to breathe
Still I hear the hymn of the ocean
I become one of the notes of the music
I close my eyes
I’m no more.
I still listen to that hymn of the ocean.

Champagne with Red Wine.

champagne red wine

A crazy girl with Woman’s mind

is nothing but

Champagne with Red Wine.

A girl who chirps eagerly.

A headstrong woman gives you limes.

She’s not a peg less not a peg more

She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Lusty, smart, arrogant

Lovely, pretty, susceptible.

She’s not the damsel in distress

She’s her own mistress.

It’s hard to figure her out sometimes

’cause she’s a riddle

A Glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine.

Fizzy, social restless butterfly

Classy, she rules the sky.

Sparkling eyes

fluttering lashes

She has the power,

to turn carbon to diamond or ashes.

She’s not a penny more not a penny less

She’s divine

’cause She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

The chamber just got opened.

Do you remember me?
I’m sure you do.
I was here last week
Before going to sleep.
I’m gonna start where I left.
The chambers that have been kept.
“They are so old,
They never open when told.”
Why they don’t?
What lies there?
I’m certain you’re curious.
It’s dark and light.
It’s interesting as long as it’s mysterious.
Guess what? One did open.
The secrets they behold
Were unintentionally told.
Just one. And I didn’t realise
It was as natural as sunrise.
What it revealed,
What got unleashed
Leaves me in trance,
In trans of memories
That were like a cyclone
With me being alone.
As the winter comes
Cold I become.
In the cyclone I see myself disappearing
I see the sun rising.
I woke up from that nightmare
Took a deep breath in fresh air
Stretching my arms
No more qualms
I come out alive
full of colored life.