It’s all about Poetry!

Sitting on your desk
Having too many thoughts
Why not to pen them down
Thinking of words
How to pen them down
Too many thoughts
Lots of emotions
No one to decipher
Poetry comes to rescue
‘Tis often spontaneous
But an effort sometimes
So many topics in the mind
One of which you zero down
You look for rhyme scheme
But don’t always find one
Then its the emotions you focus on
Some are blue
Some are white
Poetry is love
Poetry is life
It’s so clear yet so confusing
It’s so bright yet so gloomy
Normal people read appreciate
Crazy fellows like you and me
Get lost in the words
Create our own world
Get so engrossed
Can’t help but
Become poets ourselves…
That’s the fever of poetry
No one really cares bout the grammar
But the poet himself
Uses wrong punctuation
Justifies with reason.
A poem depicts feelings
Hard to understand
In reality, They’re just words in sand….



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