Dark Union


Painting by Aakash Suri.

I looked in the mirror,
The glass disappeared;
Blinked my eyes,
I saw fear.
Some black magic it was.

Black magic? Or a white witch?
I don’t recall
Shades of grey I started to look for.
I couldn’t find any.
It was all black and white.
It was all white and black.
Rainbows, what are they?
Desperate times.

Did utopian era end?
Was the mirror a door to dystopian era? Numb I stand.

Then I saw light
Some green fields too.
Mirror twinkled like a star
It appeared and disappeared.

I saw myself change forms
Breaking all the norms.
Comfortably numb I saw myself merge in my reflection..
Fitting together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.
The sight looked like a dark fairy tale,
As if dementors from harry potter were at play.


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