I listen to the hymn of the ocean
Waters battling on the rocks
Sounds of wind
That goes past the mast
The ship that sails in the ocean
Turbines move, engine works
Machinery mechanics create a hustle bustle at the bottom.
Ship sails, water prevails..
I hear the wind that goes past the mast
On the deck I stand
Just like Rose and Jack
I fly but in company I lack.
I gaze at the dolphins that come up
Once in a while to play
Suddenly I trip
I freely fall
Not afraid
I go deep into the ocean
Waters closing upon me
Penetrating my lungs
Unable to breathe
Still I hear the hymn of the ocean
I become one of the notes of the music
I close my eyes
I’m no more.
I still listen to that hymn of the ocean.


Champagne with Red Wine.

champagne red wine

A crazy girl with Woman’s mind

is nothing but

Champagne with Red Wine.

A girl who chirps eagerly.

A headstrong woman gives you limes.

She’s not a peg less not a peg more

She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Lusty, smart, arrogant

Lovely, pretty, susceptible.

She’s not the damsel in distress

She’s her own mistress.

It’s hard to figure her out sometimes

’cause she’s a riddle

A Glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine.

Fizzy, social restless butterfly

Classy, she rules the sky.

Sparkling eyes

fluttering lashes

She has the power,

to turn carbon to diamond or ashes.

She’s not a penny more not a penny less

She’s divine

’cause She’s Champagne with Red Wine.

Shell we take a dive? Shore!

I tried writing a poem about it, but then, poetry requires talent, and vocabulary. Alas! what do I have but my poor words. While reading “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (which, by the way, is in my list of must-reads), I came upon an excerpt which loosely mentioned whales. Now, any average bibliophile would vouch for the fact that sometimes you get so absorbed by the book that you are transported to a different realm altogether (did somebody say “cliché?”), elevated in thoughts and visions, effected by the written word. And Bill Bryson makes you feel very insignificant when he puts you and the universe to scale, and then adds the “possibility of life elsewhere” to the mix. Insignificant and enlightened.

In my this state of  suspension I was struck by a thought. What if we weren’t human at all? What if we were the largest thing alive. What if we were whales?

Now close your eyes for a minute and remember those swimming sessions. Let your mind be swarmed by water as you see yourself diving in and out of the pool. BUT THERE IS NO POOL! Because, sir, your humongous body can not fit in a pool. Your highness is only fit for an ocean! 

How would it have been?

I would have liked the freedom, although for a little while. No stupid money to earn, eat all you want brunches for free all your life, parents only expecting you to grow bigger and fatter (If my parents wanted that from me, they had already be the happiest parents in the world!). We are expected to be the masters of our own fate, but are we?

Bogged down by numerous obligations, we seldom live a life we want to. What an irony, we could have had more freedom as creatures lower than us in mental stature (no offence to wildlife activists! I don’t mean it like that).

I know it’s a stupid thought and I am going to get laughed at, but do I care? I am happy to be the master of my own actions for one fleeting moment.

Invitation to “Stay Happy!”

I know I have given you people a lot, what with the awesome content I post which regularly gets featured in numerous “best content on the net” lists?. Not just that, the pictures I post of me cycling and shit?

So, this time I have come with a genuine request. I want you to sit back for a moment and think. 


Most of us spend our whole lives flogging day and night, looking for happiness. We hope that earning more money will make us content. But we fail to see the irony in seeking contentment by wanting more! 

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How to Develop Cerebral Abs

Long time! Don’t tell me you didn’t miss me.

After a bunch of useless boring posts, I thought it’s better to write something that interests and helps people, which alternatively means, gets me more visitors (Oh I just love visitors!). And my old posts had also started smelling foul from, well, being old.

So, recently I found myself at a loss. I had no idea what to read next (for girls reading this post, it’s the same feeling you get while choosing what to wear; or moms, what to cook next). So I, of course, employed Google with search terms like “Books that make you think”, “Books expand mind”, “Books get smart”, “Best brain simulating books” etc. And after getting through the lists and reading quiet a lot of the suggested books, I think I am in a position to set down one such list myself.

This list knows no genre boundaries, and unapologetically contains many classic cliched novels for the sole reason that they still rock. Also, this is a very personal list, so all biasness is intentional and not regretted.

Arranged in no particular order:

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand. There are authors. And then there is Ayn Rand. No adjective can do justice with what I feel for her. Don’t let the reviews fool you, pick it up and decide for yourself.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. Another great work by Ayn Rand. Disclaimer: Don’t read them in quick succession, or your friends might complain that you have changed.

The Lord of the FliesWilliam Golding. The book goes on to show the savages that we all have inside us, and how it comes out. The story tracks a group of young boys plane-wrecked on an uninhabited island and what follows. It gets a little (just a little) monotonous after a while but picks up soon enough.

Animal FarmGeorge Orwell. Chances are, if you are searching for books that make you ponder, you have already read it, but no such list is complete without a mention of Animal Farm. And if you haven’t, go start with this one! Also try 1984. Read full review here.

The God of Small ThingsArundhati Roy. Ohhhhhoooo, the god of books that will make you stop, and dive into your childhood and then come back, looking down upon yourself growing on the way back.

Jaya, Devdutt Pattanaik. I picked it up because I wanted to learn about Mahabharata, in the most intersting way possible, so that I don’t quit midway (Like I did with the original Bhagvad Geeta). Jaya was the answer. Read if you want to know about what happened before, during and after the age-defining war, in less than 400 pages

Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer Johnson. Trouble moving on in life, come have some cheese. Continue reading