Happy Birthday Friend :)


I hope every time they Click a photo of us,


They never have to say Cheese


Happy Birthday Nadu, I will always cherish the time we spent together.







The 9/11 photo that was returned to the owner after 13 years

A Tale of Hope, a story about perseverance…

The Longform Interviewer

Cover photo courtesy of the Prints and Photographs Division. Library of Congress, USA.

Days after the tragic events of 9/11 a photo was found in the streets. It came from an office on the 77th floor of the South Tower. 13 years later it was returned to the owner. This is an incredible story about the power of social media and how people from around the world can come together.

“I knew it was going viral. Every tech device we had in the house started going crazy beeping and dinging with alerts. It was wild,” says Elizabeth Stringer Keefe. Every year on September 11 she posted the photo, hoping someone somewhere would know who was in it.

In this interview she shares the story about how the photo was first found, the process of locating the owner, and how she cried when she finally did.

The photo of a happy wedding party, lost at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, belonged to X. The photo of a happy wedding party, lost at…

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My apologies to all our 7.046 billion followers and lovers for not giving them the best of Internet’s content for a few days now. It’s really tough handling the recognition and all the media glare our blog has got us. Add to this the reopening of my college, and given my studious nature, it becomes impossible to take out time and write.

I wish all those talks of several parallel worlds existing was true, we could have borrowed post from ourselves from the world in which we were regular bloggers,

But don’t be disheartened. When you know you have so great an impact on someone else’s life, you tend to ignore your selfish interests and work for the masses. So there will be posts.

Keep the fan-mails coming!

Physics-Fail, Logic-Fail: Dhoom 3

This is what Dhoom teaches us!

Dhoom Logic

They say, any experience is good experience. That’s why, despite knowing what to expect, I decided to give this one a go! But I now have some questions which cropped up at different points in the movie:

1. The show Aamir’s father puts up for the bank people, why would anyone give a loan for that mediocre thing?

2. Aamir’s father says, “Beta apni izzat apne haath mei hoti hai.” And then shoots himself, kya izzatdaar harkat thi ye?

3. How did Aamir rob the bank? And the scene when he rides over a wire to evade police, when he nearly misses the train, was that supposed to be exciting?

4. The vehicle that Abhishek used for his entry, was it a steel enforced Ambassador car? Because I dont know of any normal auto-rickshaw breaking through a wall, landing on its own three wheels after a high jump, and then doing a stoppee and numerous 360 degree turns. If all of this is even half true, Indian army should really replace its Gypsies with these God-Rickshaws.
*Correction, it did finally break, thank you Vijay Krishna for saving Bollywood*

5. Is it just me or Katrina’s dance in ‘kamli’ is funny? (Yes of course till the time she strips to bare essentials)

6. Why is the “supercop” of India so stupid as to show an unknown man the blueprints of the bank, all the security measures taken, and then be so over-confident?

And then the reason for robbing the banks is so childish. Banks trouble people? I thought they provided loans to people who wanted some cash when in need, and then pay back within the stipulated time. Of course, if you expect them to sympathise with you when you are facing loss and pat you on the head and say, “koi baat nahi beta, aaram se dena” then yes they are evil!

I should have listened to my brother and kept my brain aside for this one.

Only good thing about the movie? Two Aamir Khans. Uday Chopra. Enough said.