Meri Maggi

Oh Maggi, My maggi
I miss you
For you loved me
I loved you.
Our love was pure than any romeo juliet
You never hurt me
I have never hurt you
We are so made for each other
When I was tired, you’d make me happy
When I used to study at night, you’d satisfy those hunger pangs at 3AM
When there’s nothing left in college canteen at 7 in the evening and I’d be dying of hunger after those tiring debating sessions, you’d be my only snack.
You’re not just snack. You’re love. You understand. I miss you.
Patriarchy has crept into kitchens too for pizzas n burgers still are enjoyed but you my darling face restrictions.
No rain lover feels complete without you.
Yippie wai wai will never substitute you. For you’re meri maggi.
It hurts so much to see you gone.
Break ups are dealt with your comfort. Now you’re gone. Who’d comfort your loss?
I had you last a month ago. I wish I could spend one last time with you before you vanished off those shelves. I miss you. Please be back soon.


Dark Union


Painting by Aakash Suri.

I looked in the mirror,
The glass disappeared;
Blinked my eyes,
I saw fear.
Some black magic it was.

Black magic? Or a white witch?
I don’t recall
Shades of grey I started to look for.
I couldn’t find any.
It was all black and white.
It was all white and black.
Rainbows, what are they?
Desperate times.

Did utopian era end?
Was the mirror a door to dystopian era? Numb I stand.

Then I saw light
Some green fields too.
Mirror twinkled like a star
It appeared and disappeared.

I saw myself change forms
Breaking all the norms.
Comfortably numb I saw myself merge in my reflection..
Fitting together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.
The sight looked like a dark fairy tale,
As if dementors from harry potter were at play.

Slow Rising

As I walk on the wet sand

by the sea beach,

lonely is what I feel.

It is 3AM in the morning

and I’m mourning..

not about anybody’s death

but because I stopped living.


I, I used to live, laugh and cherish

Now, now I perish.


I see before me a vast beautiful sky

I wish to be a bird and want to fly high

But the ‘society’, yes this cruel society

Doesn’t let me be me.

Aha! Now you’ll say “society’s a bitch, you got to stand up”

But dear I did… I did fly high.

I felt powerful and independent.

Jealous you, cut my wings and made me dependent.

You, the patriarch, enjoys a victimized woman

But let me tell you, I won’t let you achieve your goals.

I was powerful and now I’ll be a rebellion.


Yes, I felt lonely but now I won’t.

I’ll be a glass of Champagne with hint of Red Wine

And will let you taste some lime.

I’ll walk on the sea

Because I know I can.

I’ll fly like a bird

And will conquer the sky.

Sure, you put me down

But I’ll not surrender.

I’ll be my own mistress

And not your damsel in distress.


I’ll live once again

‘cause I’m the silver lining in the cloud.

I’ll be a fish

And will merge in the sea.

How I’ll change forms, now you’ll see.

I’ll fall on this earth like a raindrop

Seeping deep inside the earth….

I’ll turn into a diamond.



The Pencil

I asked the pencil
To dance with words tendril
But she had mood swings
And started to ring,
With no sounds but strokes
That hit the blank pages
Where the words unfold.
However, words were in slumber
And lines and curves she remembered.
Amateur with both words and strokes
Still something beautiful she beholds.
That is, the art to mold.


beautiful words

powerful language

not for communication only..

depicts feelings, emotions and intellect..

Sarcasm a wonderful tool

not for fools

Literature an insightful piece of art

a true lover of books

can see through..

I can grow

only if I never cease the yearn to learn…