Story of a sensuous inkpen


As the writer dips the nip of the pen in the ink, the ink and the nip hug, embracing each other like a two long lost friends seeing each other after years, the writer’s block finally ended. They both hug and kiss passionately until the pen absorbs the ink. Soon the writer intervenes and they had to part. But the pen and ink were involved in a love triangle with the paper. As the writer writes, ink on the paper falls caressing the smooth surface of it and pen cried the drops of ink to see ink and paper love so deeply and ink leaving its imprints. But to sacrifice is to love, everyone was happy and everyone was hurt. Afterall love is all about this weird feeling of meeting, loving, hurt, loss and separation and acceptance. The pen was somehow happy that the writer will always love it and kisses it after every piece of writing, pen learnt to fall in love and fail in it and it finally understood the meaning!


Lonely Romance


I see you in my dreams
I feel you in every breath
You’re not here
yet very much with me
You speak with your eyes
a thousand emotions
and here I feel you in my arms.
I open my eyes and you’re gone.
Somehow, I realize
you don’t exist
It was only me
in our long strolls in the rain
It was only me
when we lay under the night sky
It was only me
when we saw the sunset on the beach
It was only me…
I have been dreaming all this time
and seeing my dreams shatter
I no longer belong with you.
You no longer belong with me.
You never did. It was only me.
You exist but you don’t
I had romance alone.

Ironical Love

Love, a pure emotion.
Not as pure as it seems.
Contaminated by fears
It’ll befriend tears.
The more you indulge
The deeper you plunge
In the ocean of love
Bliss you’ll get
In another world.
However, remember sharks exist
In this ocean too
No one will save you except you.

Love, a pure emotion
It is as pure as it seems
It’s untouched by anything,
Like a moonlit sky full of stars.
You create your own dirt
‘Coz love doesn’t hurt
Strings attached do
Cut your strings with a wink
And bathe in the heaven’s brink
‘Coz it’s only love that’s pouring.

Invitation to “Stay Happy!”

I know I have given you people a lot, what with the awesome content I post which regularly gets featured in numerous “best content on the net” lists?. Not just that, the pictures I post of me cycling and shit?

So, this time I have come with a genuine request. I want you to sit back for a moment and think. 


Most of us spend our whole lives flogging day and night, looking for happiness. We hope that earning more money will make us content. But we fail to see the irony in seeking contentment by wanting more! 

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