Internet knows me as The Blogger Number Ek.

But you can call me BhattKetan Bhatt

giphy (3)

Okay that didn’t go as planned.

So, I like to eat and have enough fat in my body to survive in case of a zombie attack. But zombie attacks don’t happen in India so I am going to save ‘myself’ for the Indian version of an apocalypse. I am kind. I like asking friends for favors, pest my ex with unwanted messages, borrow stationary and never return, and I crack a lot of poor jokes. I make new year resolutions (not anymore!) and take up jogging for 2 days before abandoning it. I like all things expensive and out of reach. I like my women curvy and cars loud.

I enjoy company rather than solitude. I prefer change over stability. I am fickle minded and have a short-term attention span. I can delete things from my memory I don’t want to remember. I am Superman.

Okay I am lying.

The world I live in is broadly categorized into two type of guys. One type consists of males with greek features and handsome bodies. Then there are the normal looking geek types. I belong to the second category.

The problem is, I am not a geek.

For people who are in the same (sub)category as me, it gets difficult to stand out in the crowd. Therefore I needed a plan B for giving myself a sure footing in this competitive era. And of course for controlling me from wasting time ogling at random girls on Facebook.

Writing makes me channelize my thoughts. I have always faced the problem where I start with one thing and then take up one more, then one more and then I start neglecting the first task I took up, finally completely ignoring it. This made me realize that I needed to stop for ten minutes daily and take a stock of all that is happening with me. The only way I would have done it on a regular basis was if I was getting something out of that exercise that I could see with my own eyes. And WordPress provides us with wonderful Stats!

Basic goal was to graduate, join a B School of high repute and then earn big bucks. This blog? This is Plan B. My chance to stand out.

Open to interpretations.



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