Meri Maggi

Oh Maggi, My maggi
I miss you
For you loved me
I loved you.
Our love was pure than any romeo juliet
You never hurt me
I have never hurt you
We are so made for each other
When I was tired, you’d make me happy
When I used to study at night, you’d satisfy those hunger pangs at 3AM
When there’s nothing left in college canteen at 7 in the evening and I’d be dying of hunger after those tiring debating sessions, you’d be my only snack.
You’re not just snack. You’re love. You understand. I miss you.
Patriarchy has crept into kitchens too for pizzas n burgers still are enjoyed but you my darling face restrictions.
No rain lover feels complete without you.
Yippie wai wai will never substitute you. For you’re meri maggi.
It hurts so much to see you gone.
Break ups are dealt with your comfort. Now you’re gone. Who’d comfort your loss?
I had you last a month ago. I wish I could spend one last time with you before you vanished off those shelves. I miss you. Please be back soon.


A walk down the road

I’m walking through the lake park, my eyes experiencing aesthetic sunrise. The feet took a halt, struck by realisation. Mesmerised by the reflection of the sky in calm waves of water. I feel inept to describe sudden commotion of emotions. I look for a bench to settle on as I go weak in the knees.
On my quest to find a rusted bench with its green paint withering in a quiet corner, I see life in a strange light. I spot a group of squirrels bouncing hither thither. I observe one at a time, my heart wondering how this world looks like through the eyes of a squirrel. How do I look to it as I attempt to touch its skin and fail terribly because of its spontaneous reflexes? Can it see the water as I see it? Do the surroundings appear green to it too? Does it also feels something inside? The mind in me mocks and says, “No, Dimwit! Only you’re the one who thinks of herself as a different entity. Everything else is in sync with nature. You too are a part of it, only if you realise.”

I’m petrified by my own heart that feels conflicting emotions and a mind that taunts. I give in and pearls of water roll down my eyes. I’m like a mimosa plant open to attack. My leaves closing in, I rush back home to immerse myself in this concrete jungle, away from contemplating life. I know I can’t run forever but today I escape.

Story of a sensuous inkpen


As the writer dips the nip of the pen in the ink, the ink and the nip hug, embracing each other like a two long lost friends seeing each other after years, the writer’s block finally ended. They both hug and kiss passionately until the pen absorbs the ink. Soon the writer intervenes and they had to part. But the pen and ink were involved in a love triangle with the paper. As the writer writes, ink on the paper falls caressing the smooth surface of it and pen cried the drops of ink to see ink and paper love so deeply and ink leaving its imprints. But to sacrifice is to love, everyone was happy and everyone was hurt. Afterall love is all about this weird feeling of meeting, loving, hurt, loss and separation and acceptance. The pen was somehow happy that the writer will always love it and kisses it after every piece of writing, pen learnt to fall in love and fail in it and it finally understood the meaning!

Dark Union


Painting by Aakash Suri.

I looked in the mirror,
The glass disappeared;
Blinked my eyes,
I saw fear.
Some black magic it was.

Black magic? Or a white witch?
I don’t recall
Shades of grey I started to look for.
I couldn’t find any.
It was all black and white.
It was all white and black.
Rainbows, what are they?
Desperate times.

Did utopian era end?
Was the mirror a door to dystopian era? Numb I stand.

Then I saw light
Some green fields too.
Mirror twinkled like a star
It appeared and disappeared.

I saw myself change forms
Breaking all the norms.
Comfortably numb I saw myself merge in my reflection..
Fitting together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.
The sight looked like a dark fairy tale,
As if dementors from harry potter were at play.

Poor words.

Hola people!
It’s been a long time since I had a conversation with you all. Today I am making this post not to bore you with my poetry but with my poor words. It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away. See this post is unedited and coming totally from the heart so you better get ready for some laugh riot because you know I am such a mess. Oh btw I am just accepting the fact that I am, deep down I know that you all are messed up in your life in one way or the other. Therefore, I have a few words of wisdom to share because ever since 2015 has come I have had so many ups and downs that when I was trying to find peace I came to realise that this life is pretty simple if you look at it that way. Just be aware of your actions and what you’re doing. If you’re reading, read with awareness, if you’re planning to commit a suicide do that with awareness as well. And if you know me personally, I am the least aware person who is aloof and lost in her own world of fantasy but I am learning and it’s not bad. Infact, once you’re aware of the pros and cons, you do it with much more passion. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be a bitch. Just live with your heart. Let your mind be your heart’s slave because mind is way too calculative. Life is a flowing river and not some mathematics. And be honest. Don’t be a hypocrite. This world has enough hypocrites. Be you, the whole world will adjust. Also express yourself. Simply express. Good, bad, love, hate, lust, friendship, anger, sadness; anything and everything. Definitely you will be vulnerable but trust me it’s worth it because you’re not going to lose in any case. Either you experience tremendous joy or you learn. Also stop playing blame games, live for yourself and you are responsible for all that is happening in your life. Take responsibility for it and Live. Laugh. Love.
Hope you have a smile on your face as you finish reading this! 😀